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Motel Nightmare

Motel Nightmare - The best one star hotel in Loganville

Quick Details

  • You have 60 minutes to find the missing jewels and escape
  • Unless you book a private room, you will solve the puzzle with other participants
  • No rest and relaxation at this getaway!
  • Designed for the most experienced of players

Motel Nightmare

BREAKING NEWS! Recently, a known gangster stayed in this room. During the night, the police arrived and apprehended the bandit, and placed him under arrest for the robbery of a set of jewels. After a long interrogation, the police were unable to get the criminal to give up the location of the jewels. It is believed that he hid them in the motel room, but after a search, nothing was uncovered. The police are now offering a $200 reward for the person that can recover the jewels!

Can you uncover the missing jewels?  And can you do it in 60 minutes and escape the motel room?

You have stayed here before but the place has really gone downhill. You left a bad review after your last stay but you have no other options. You are visiting family and are forced to stay here yet again. The owner remembers your raving one star review and hasn’t forgotten. The owner knows you will be back and has a special room to make sure your experience is worthy of that one star review. Good luck escaping this motel nightmare…if you can!