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  • Most Difficult!
  • Difficulty: 8 out of 10

Salem Motel

Salem Motel - Can you escape before you are used in a witch's potion?

Quick Details

  • You have 60 minutes to to find the magic stones to escape the witch
  • This room will be private to you and your group
  • No rest and relaxation at this getaway!
  • 🎃 HALLOWEENIFIED for some spooky fun

Salem Motel

You and your group have won a free vacation weekend in Salem Massachusetts, just in time for Halloween.  Once you arrive, you quickly discover that this is not the resort location you expected.  The reality is, you were tricked into coming top salem, due to an evil witch’s belief that you contain magical energy that she wants to use in her plot to overthrow humanity.

Fortunately, another group that was previously captured has left you a way to escape.  They have hidden 5 magical stones in the motel room that you need to find in order to escape.

Can you find the stones and escape before the witch uses you in her potions?


We have taken extra precautions to keep you safe during your escape room experience.

  1. All rooms are private.  This means that when you book an escape, only your party will be allowed in the room
  2. We have extended the time between bookings, to allow the team to sanitize the room and the common areas
  3. Masks are recommended to ensure safety 

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask!

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