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Bank Heist

Quick Details

  • Escape the vault before the police come for you!
  • Unless you book a private room, you will solve the puzzle with other participants
  • You have 60 minutes to crack the code
Adult (Ages 18 and up)
Ages 10-17 & Students

Codes, Cash, and Criminals Escape Room in Loganville

You were the valedictorian of your high school and have always been one of the most intelligent people around, the best at solving puzzles and problems. You recently lost your job and got involved with some local criminals. They are planning to rob E Bank and Trust. The team knows your skills and wants you to be the one to crack the safe. Your team has already entered the bank manager’s office, where the door to the vault is located. Your team has hidden clues and hints to help you break into the vault. The team of local criminals has tapped into the security system and you have one hour until it is back online and the police are notified. Can you crack the safe in time to walk away with the money and avoid the police?

Private Bookings available

Get the cash from the vault with your own private party when you book the entire escape room at Escape Plan GA.

  • Cost varies depending upon party size

This room uses strobe lights

Epilepsy warning: Room uses a strobe light – please let us know if you may experience seizures and we’re happy to turn off strobe lighting during your Loganville escape game experience.