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Area 51

Quick Details

  • Solve the mystery that is Area 51!
  • Unless you book a private room, you will solve the puzzle with other participants
  • You have 60 minutes to save the world
Adult (Ages 18 and up)
Ages 10-17 & Students

Loganville, GA Alien Escape Room

The year is 1964. You hear strange noises and strange lights have been spotted over Roswell, New Mexico. Increased military activity is seen everywhere. You are part of an activist group that has infiltrated an office in Area 51 where an alien is being kept. The rumors are spreading… “They’ve found aliens.” Your group has disturbed the alien’s slumber and now must solve the mystery and stop the alien from transmitting a message to the mothership. You only have an hour. Can you save the world in time?

Private bookings available

Stop the alien’s mission in 60 minutes with family and friends when you book the entire Area 51 escape room at Escape Plan GA.

  • Cost varies depending upon party size