if you can...

Pricing:  Adults: $25 / Ages 10-17 & Students: $20


You have looked forward to your beach vacation for months! You found an unbelievably cheap deal to a small island off of the coast of Belize with breathtaking views of the ocean on one of those discount vacation websites.  Upon entering your room you realize that you are unable to get out of the door and the phone in your room and cell phones aren’t working. As you start to explore the room and look for a way out you begin to realize that the owner of this facility might not be in the vacation business after all and you may not return from your vacation in one piece…




Pricing:  Adults: $25 / Ages 10-17 & Students: $20

The year is 1964. You hear strange noises and strange lights have been spotted over Roswell, New Mexico.  Increased military activity is seen everywhere. You are part of an activist group that has infiltrated an office in area 51 where an alien is being kept.  The rumors are spreading… “They’ve found aliens.”  Your group has disturbed the alien's slumber and now must solve the mystery and stop the alien from transmitting a message to the mothership. You only have an hour.  Can you save the world in time?



Pricing:  Adults: $25 / Ages 10-17 & Students: $20

Epilepsy Warning: Room uses a strobe light - Please let us know if you may experience seizures and we will be happy to turn off strobe lighting during your experience.

You are training to become crew members in a notorious crime boss' operation.  Robbing the E Bank and trust will be your audition to see if you have what it takes to enter the world of high end crime. It will require extreme intelligence and knowledge of how to break into the vault and disable lasers and alarms! More is at stake than just failure...  If you don't make it out before the police come you can face jail time (or worse) if the crime boss has his way! 



Success Rate: 96% (with 3 free clues)

Pricing:  Ages 6 - 99: $18

Beginner's and Families
(Recommended for ages 6-99)

Your teacher is out sick and your substitute teacher has gone crazy and locked you and your classmates in the room.  Your principal is aware and he has informed you that your regular teacher leaves a key in the locked treasure box in the room.  If you can find the key before the locksmith arrives in an hour then you will get to keep a prize from the treasure box.  Good luck and try to find the key before the hour is up to earn a real prize to take home with you!

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The Haunting at Camp Rutledge (Coming Soon!)

Success Rate: TBD

Pricing:  Adults: $25 / Ages 10-17 & Students: $20

The haunting is coming soon!


Dragon's Den (Coming Soon!)

Success Rate: TBD%

Pricing:  Adults: $25 / Ages 10-17 & Students: $20

Dragon's Den is Coming Soon!