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Escape Room Blog

A blog about all things related to running an escape room

Escape The Room And Win Money?

We all love escape rooms, and the premise is usually the same.  Get locked in a room, follow the clues to unlock doors and locks.  Find codes to open boxes, and in the end…. escape, hopefully in record time. Image of the missing jewels But what if we flipped the script?  What if, in addition…

The Zombies are Coming!

Halloween 2020 is coming, and so are the ZOMBIES! Here in 2020, after COVID, riots, and more… So, a zombie uprising would not be all that surprising.  And this October, that is exactly what will be happening! The year is 2021, and another virus has begun to spread across the globe, but this time wearing…

A New Video For The Haunting of Camp Rutledge

One of my favorite rooms here at Escape Plan Georgia is “The Haunting of Camp Rutledge”.  Why, because it is based omg a real legend.  Camp Rutledge is said to be haunted by two ghosts.  The first is the ghost of a boy named Ethan that is known to roll his red ball to people…